Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Events

Hello all! It's been awhile since I've updated things. It's been a relatively slow month; just crafting and waiting for spring to arrive. In Wisconsin, that's really hit-or-miss. We had some beautiful summer style weather mixed in with snowstorms and hail. Things seem to be evening out though; it's raining but the kind of wonderful spring rain that you don't mind getting caught in; the thunderstorms that help you sleep at night because they're so gentle, the lightning that my dad used to tell me turns the grass green in the spring.

It has been a wonderful time for treasuries on Etsy. I made a few of my own and got featured in several as well. Links here: A Nightmare Before Mother's Day, Spring has Sprung, I'm in a Purple FunkHair Do'sMember Treasury, and made by me, Earth Day Natural Beauty, Mardi Gras Magic, Cure for a Snowy Day, and A Few of my Favorite Things. Treasuries are really a fun way to get noticed and find many other beautiful crafters.

As spring quickly becomes summer, the craft fair season begins! I'm excited to tell you about a few craft fairs I'll be in this year. For now, I'm only telling you about the ones I've been confirmed to be in. I'm sure more will follow quickly. The first confirmed date is May 21st, where I will be at the Festival of Spring at The Paine Art Center and Gardens in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. For more details, visit my Facebook events. If you don't have Facebook, check out my Webpage events. The next confirmed fair isn't until July, so I'll wait and update you about that one when the rest of my events for the coming months are confirmed. Looks to be a lot of fun though!

The wedding season is also starting! I'm thrilled to be working on several bridal party accessories. I'm hoping to get lots of pics to share the finished projects with you. I'm honored to contribute my work to someone's special day!

So with all the exciting things on the horizons, things are definitely looking up. I really needed this spring breeze to shake the winter doldrums away. Now I'd better quit typing and get to work...

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