Sunday, December 11, 2011

Handmade Holiday Gifts and Coupon Code!

In every blog post, I promise not to let such a long time pass before blogging again... and it has been almost a month since my last blog. I won't make any promises I can't keep this time. You may have to wait a month for my next blog, but I promise it will be worth your wait! :)

The holiday season has kept me very busy. That's my excuse for the long break between blogs. I have been busy knitting presents for everyone I know, which keeps my hands a bit too busy for typing. In the last blog, I said my last craft fairs were coming up. That was a lie, apparently. A week after those craft fairs, I got invited to one more - the Bizarre Bazaar at the goth/industrial music club in Milwaukee, Club Anything. I was thrilled to pieces to be invited to this event, and I spent two weeks working on projects aimed specifically at this crowd. Once there, I was pretty surprised at the pieces people did buy - they were colorful, simple, not what I expected. I appreciated every sale though, of course! There were other very interesting local vendors there as well, such as Elsie717, specializing in Victorian style spats, collars, and capelets; Milwaukee Alt, a very fun alternative photographer, and Frankenstein Valentines, handmade cards with unique style - pin up girls, Halloween, steampunk, and more. (She has no website but her email is frankensteinvalentines@gmailcom)

So now that I'm for sure done with craft fairs for the year, I can again concentrate on those Christmas presents! There are a few people I don't have time to craft something for, in which case I'm turning to other (mostly) local crafters for some help. On my shopping list:
The Chic Boutique - opening soon in Watertown, she specializes in fun purses, scarves, and more.
Lily Kay Designs - gorgeous handmade jewelry.
Talk 2 the Trees - her shop is on vacation mode until the 20th due to her home flooding. She is a fantastic painter and knitter, so please support her to get her back on her feet when her shop re-opens.
Burnie's Rock Shop - a fantastic store in Madison; everything to do with rocks, stones, precious and semiprecious, fine jewelry, jewelry making supplies, and much more!
Sea Marie Creations - great handmade soaps. She is almost sold out!
KnotAGeek - knit and crocheted hats, cowls, scarves, and more.
Stoney River Soaps - delicious handmade natural soaps, lotions, lip balms, shampoos, and much more.

Rain's Obsessive Stitchery - unique embroidered towels, pillows, suncatchers, even shirts!
The Soap Garden - even more fantastic soaps. Some of her bars are like tiny soapy landscapes! Beautiful!
Dips 'N' More - yummy dips. I especially love her "Merry Christmas Dip Shit" holiday package! Lol :)
Luxury Lane Soap - yes, more soap! Kylee adds a unique geeky touch to her handmade soaps. Know someone into Dr. Who, Star Wars, gaming, and/or other geeky ventures? Tell them to clean up with her fantastic soaps! (Unfortunately, she is on back order and may not get your order in time for Christmas, but her soaps make great gifts at all times of the year!)
For Strange Women - handmade all natural perfumery, lip balms, bath salts, and more. I love her forest and Victorian - inspired scents. My favorite lip balm is the Absinthe Lips, and my favorite perfume is Winter Kitty. (Now through the end of December, $20 of each Winter Kitty sale is going to the Heartland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Heartland SPCA is Kansas City’s most comprehensive animal welfare organization.)

I'm sure there are many more artisans out there I missed this time around, but please check these out when doing your Christmas Shopping! Also, now through the end of the year, enter the coupon code HANDMADE HOLIDAY to get 10% off everything in my shop! (Excludes gift certificates)

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