Thursday, September 15, 2011

Busiest Time of the Year!

So many things to blog about today! Let's start off with some treasury love:
The Perfect Pause Between Summer and Winter
Also, Peacocks
Last of the Summer Blooms
Don't Flame Me For This, But....
Fallin Victorian
Hey Heat! Make Like a Tree and Leave
Birds of a Feather Flock Together
A Burnt Autumn
No Match for Kate Winslet
Crimson and Brown
Mmmmm... Pumpkin!
Fun for Girls, Fun for Boys
Fall into Love
The Colors of Fall
Falling Leaves 2011
Faeries of Etsy
Orange and Black
In the Light of the Halloween Moon
Autumn Colors

Thank you to everyone who featured me! Autumn and Halloween are definitely favorites for treasury-makers, and many of my items do fit right in.

Next on the list of things to blog about, a very fun announcement! I will now be doing FEATHER EXTENSIONS at my craft fairs! Feather extensions seemed a perfect fit with my love of feathers and hair accessories. I also have some hair "bling" (basically tinsel) for some extra fun. My feather extensions are just like the ones you see in salons. They can be washed, curled, or flat-ironed. They last a very long time in your hair. You will probably get bored of them before they start to look faded. The hair bling only lasts a few days; it comes out with a couple of washes and cannot be curled or flat-ironed. They're fun for festivals and one-day events.

Speaking of events, just a reminder of my upcoming events. Autumn is a very popular time, especially for my masks and costume pieces, so if you plan on coming to the events, try to get there early! If you are shopping online and are putting off that purchase, make sure you get it before the event, because things will be going fast! To see my events, please check my Facebook page or my Webs page.

Speaking of costuming, custom orders, and Halloween, if you plan on getting any custom costume pieces for Halloween, contact me soon! My time slots are already filling up! Yikes! Message me on my Etsy shop, the above links for my web page or Facebook page, or just comment right here! I'll see what I can do! :)

I have tons more things to talk about, but I also have tons more things on my to-do list today, so I better get to work! I promise more updates soon! I have several new projects to show off!

Listening to: Orion Rigel Domisse
Pics: more new autumn items!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Autumn Products and Craft Fairs

I have two imminent craft fairs:

Autumn Art on the Marsh on September 25th in Horicon,


Watertown Fall Festival on October 1st in Watertown.

Those are the Facebook event links. If you aren't a fan of Facebook, you can look at my Webs page for more information on the events. (My Webs page doesn't have much else going for it right now; I am frustrated with its lack of photo storage. Anyone have suggestions for free web page hosting sites, or should I suck it up and pay for a website?)

I am really excited for autumn. It took me a little while to let go of summer; sometimes I feel like we rush to the next holiday way too soon around here. Halloween stuff was up at the beginning of August, and Christmas stuff is already being put out. We see holiday items for so long, that by the time we get to the actual holiday, we're already sick of it!

But Halloween is something I don't ever think I could be sick of, even if it lasted all year. I love the creepy decorations and horror movies and haunted houses and most of all, the costumes. I wish we had excuses to wear costumes all the time. If I could throw a theme party to get people dressed up in costumes at least once a month, I'd be a happy happy girl.

So as you can guess, I'm really focusing on costume pieces right now. Of course there are the faerie wings; I'm even working on a pair with a matching mask and headband all made specifically for each other. I have many other ideas for matching costume pieces as well, which I'll hopefully be able to finish before Halloween. In addition to those, I'm working on several more masks. Leaf masks seem to be more popular at this time of year, but I'm also working on a super-secret project relating to masks that I'm not ready to talk about until I successfully finish a few.

In addition to all these projects, I'm also working on a few personal projects (as always). I am experimenting with terrariums, and when I complete my first one, I'll post a picture. I'm knitting like crazy as well. I decided that to be smart, I should start planning my Christmas gifts NOW since I like to make my gifts and I often don't finish all the gifts in time. If I start four months early, maybe I'll have a chance this year! As you can guess, with all the projects I'm working on, my sketch-of-the-day series has taken what seems to be a permanent vacation. I really do hope to get back into it, but with the projects plus work plus networking online plus an actual personal/social life, time is lacking. I will probably do some on-and-off sketching, and maybe I'll pick the habit up again during the slow winter months. (Ugh, I can't believe I just said the w-word... I'm so not ready for that one yet!)

As another personal side note, Kim Boekbinder of my earlier blog sent me a thank-you package! True to her unique style, I opened an envelope made from folded paper to find a handmade fabric envelope with a bright yellow flower, and I opened the fabric envelope to find a thank-you card with a cut-out picture of Kim that appears to be drawn by the talented Molly Crabapple. Inside is my name on sparkly paper and Kim's signature. Also inside the fabric envelope: a handdrawn notecard with a tree bearing golden leaves, small blue and white silk flowers, random buttons, and fabric scraps with extra-sparkly sequins. Let me just say that Kim is amazing. She is so personable with her fans, and her style, once again, is so unique and fun. In fact, here's a pic:
Ok, I'm done geeking out, I swear!

Here, to make up for my geeklove, have some photos of some of my new products! :)