Monday, August 29, 2011

Kim Boekbinder's Impossible Tour

Kim Boekbinder is one of my favorite artists. I know I've mentioned her at least once in the "Listening to" section I like to put at the bottom of my blogs. Kim is unique, both fashionably and in her style of music.

Every song on her album, The Impossible Girl, is unique and different from each other. Every song expresses a different emotion. There are some that make you laugh, some make you cry. Some are a bit creepy, some are sparkly bits of fun, and some are simply beautiful. Most of the links in this paragraph are to her videos, because her videos, no matter the content of the song, are visually stunning and magical. Kim Boekbinder is, in a word, amazing.
I could gush about simply this album for the entire blog, but I'll move on.

Kim has started a tour, named of course the Impossible Tour, and like her, it is unique and original. Let me borrow a bit from her press release to explain why this tour is so different:

"Iconoclastic New York musician, Kim Boekbinder, has set the internet abuzz with her passionate rant about the state of the music industry and how she’s decided to circumvent the broken system by using her vibrant social media presence to pre-sell her shows BEFORE they are even booked. Kim’s first test run of the idea was launched on Kickstarter and she got her funding for a show in New York City in under 24 hours.Now she's doing a 10 date US tour.

Here's a fun video of Kim explaining her tour:

What's best about Kim? Her connection to her fans. I've been waiting to do this, even though it's so silly, but.... *SQUEE!!* I got an email from Kim Boekbinder! To help promote bloggers to blog about her tour, she promised to answer three questions. I could only think of one. Here it is:

1) You have such a unique sense of fashion. What inspires you?

"I am inspired by shiny things, old rusty things, nature, decay, and the blueness of the sky. I love handmade things and things that are falling apart. Things with a story."

Thank you, Kim. You and I have that in common. I am actually working on a package for Kim, of hair clips and masks personalized to her sparkly tastes. I hope she likes them, and I hope you like this blog. Thank you for listening, and please, look into this tour. If you are anywhere close to her shows, please buy a ticket. I promise you won't be disappointed. If, like me, the shows are too far away, at least give her music a listen and watch some of her videos. Again, you won't be disappointed. Thank you!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Introducing: Faerie Wings!

I have been a busy bee since that last post. I went camping for a week and spent the rest of the time working on that "mysterious project" of mine. Well, I unveiled them at the Riverfest craft fair, and since then I've put the ones that didn't sell on my Etsy site. So here they are: Faerie Wings!

I have really enjoyed putting these together, and this is just the first batch. I have plans for many more. I am trying to make some that match some of the masks I have available, for stunning Halloween costumes and more. In my Etsy listings, I've already suggested matching masks and accessories right in the descriptions. It is such a joy for me to see people get excited about them. I love all of my accessories, but I think costuming is my absolute favorite. I've always loved Halloween, Mardi Gras, masquerades (hell, my wedding was a masquerade party) so this is definitely the way I love to do things.

Faerie Wings section of my Etsy shop

In other news, I made it about two weeks with my sketch-a-day commitment until I kind of took a break. (read: I haven't done a sketch in about a week.) This is mainly because of the stress of the craft fair, but it's been almost a week since the fair and I haven't really made an attempt to get back into it, so I need a kick in the butt. I finally have a full day off that I'm not spending cleaning or re-organizing or listing Etsy items, so I have no excuse not to get one done today. Keep an eye on my Twitpic feed to see my sketches, my new products, and more. I promise I'll get back to it!

I have two fairs coming up in September, so I'm looking at another busy month. Speaking of things I haven't been keeping up on... Remember the walk I vividly described in the last post? I haven't taken one since, unfortunately. I've been suffering with knee pain for awhile, but lately, it has gotten much worse. I've been managing it with a knee brace and naproxen, and I made it through camping and hiking just fine, but I haven't braved a nice long walk in awhile. I want to do more walking before the weather gets too cold. I love autumn very much, but it is a bit of a depressive season as we head into the frigid winter months.

~Segue~ Speaking of autumn (lol) I have been listed in a few more treasuries, and made one of my own. Here are the links:
Deep in the Forest
What do you MEAN that was POISON ivy???
Fall is Comming [sic]
All Hallows Eve
And the one I made: New England Beach

That is it for today. I will tell you more details of how the Riverfest craft fair was and all about the upcoming craft fairs next time!

Listening to: A Particularly Vicious Rumor
Pics: I was going to post a few more autumn-themed items, but Blogger is being stupid at the moment, so I'll add them next time! :)